Capital Projects Guidance for University Financial Action Plan


The University of Arizona Financial Action Plan, presented to the Arizona Board of Regents on December 13, 2023, includes actions related to international travel, purchasing, capital projects, and strategic initiatives funding. University Facilities Services is your partner in understanding and implementing these changes. Please visit the

University Financial Updates page for complete information.

Defer Nonessential Capital Projects

As indicated in the University's Financial Action Plan, capital projects funded with internal, unrestricted resources where construction has not begun will be deferred through the end of the fiscal year, June 30, 2024. With approval from the Interim Senior Vice President for Business Affairs and CFO, certain capital projects may proceed during the deferment period if they meet at least one of the following exceptions:

Note: even if a capital project meets one of the exceptions above, approval of the project is not automatic, and the University’s financial position must be taken into consideration. Any proposed exception must be reviewed and approved by the Interim Senior Vice President for Business Affairs and CFO for the capital project to proceed. 

Preventative and routine maintenance, as well as normal repairs, are excluded from the deferment of capital projects and will continue as normal. 

Additional Guidance

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