About the DSS

The University of Arizona Manual of Design and Specification Standards (DSS) contained herein is maintained by the Planning Design & Construction Department and are to be utilized as a guideline for the execution of professional services associated with the design, construction, renovation and maintenance of all facility related projects. The DSS is also the standard of execution for all Job Order Contract work unless specified otherwise.


The DSS is a guideline. It contains information on the procedures, materials and design parameters that the University of Arizona feels are appropriate to ensure a high degree of sustainability, quality and long term serviceability of our facility related projects. These standards are intended to assist design professionals, contractors and University personnel in understanding the needs and desires of the University of Arizona and are not intended to be used as a replacement for specifications. The use of these standards in the creation of contract documents does not relieve any design professional of any responsibility or liability for the execution of their contracted professional services or those services that may be subcontracted. Any contemplated deviation from these standards shall be brought to the immediate attention of the assigned project manager. The University will otherwise assume that they have been followed in their entirety.


The DSS is maintained by Planning Design & Construction. Contact Lorna Gray for additional information. We appreciate any feedback you would like to give on the content of the DSS.

2018 International Suite of Codes

The University has adopted the 2018 International Suite of Codes and the 2017 National Electric Code as design criteria for all new construction and renovation projects. This will replace the use of the 2012 suite of Codes. Amendments to those codes have also been approved. The use of the 2018 suite of codes, the 2017 NEC and amendments is effective immediately and will be incorporated into the next revision of the University's Design & Specification Standards. The approved codes are below along with amendments.

International Fire Code
International Building Code
International Existing Building Code
International Mechanical Code
International Plumbing Code
International Fuel Gas Code
International Residential Code
National Electric code