New ArcGIS Online (AGOL) site available for UArizona University Administration

The Enterprise Geographic Information System (EGIS) Team at Planning, Design & Construction is excited to announce the launch of a new AGOL site (EGISUA) for university administrative uses. AGOL is Esri's cloud GIS platform provided to UArizona through the University's site license with Esri.

This new AGOL site managed by the EGIS Team serves as a hub for online maps, web applications, dashboards, and more. Staff, faculty, and partner organizations can request an account in order to access and view live Enterprise GIS data. With an account, users can view content curated by the EGIS Team in our Gallery or create their own maps and applications by using the AGOL interface.

ArcGIS Online enables users to use existing EGIS data, consume data from other web sources, or create their own data stored in the cloud. Users are allocated ‘credits’ that allow them to perform geoprocessing tasks using Esri servers.

Several UArizona offices and departments are currently supported by applications and content created using the EGISUA AGOL site, including the Office of Sustainability, Department of Transportation, and the Campus Arboretum.

To request an account for the EGISUA ArcGIS Online site, please contact Grant McCormick

Access the EGISUA ArcGIS Online organization