19-9463 UA Global Center, Phase 2

The Global Center (formerly the Park Student Union) is being renovated to serve as a one-stop shop for services and activities for the UA’s international students, international faculty and scholars, and study abroad students, creating synergies and efficiencies in services.

19-9472 Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine

A new 2 to 3-story 34,000gsf facility for the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine (AWCIM) primarily for administration, educational and meditation garden spaces. The Center will facilitate the fundamental goal of creating a physical environment that supports the evidence-based philosophy of integrative medicine. The facility and its exterior spaces will house the following basic functions: clinical simulation, educational, culinary demonstrations and administrative.

19-9468 CAPLA Addition and Renovation

CAPLA has recently completed the pre-design Programming that is aligned with the College’s overall Strategic Plan, with the goal being to improve space utilization and provide academic facilities that will enhance learning and meet increased student enrollment. The project will be implemented in phases.

The complete Conceptual Design for the entire Design Program is ongoing. Thereafter, the first phase of the project will be identified. It is anticipated that Phase One will have a construction cost in the region of $1,400,000. Future phases will be contingent on the availability of funds.