19-9472 Center for Integrative Medicine

A new 2-story 34,000gsf facility for the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine (CIM) that will facilitate the fundamental goal of creating a physical environment that supports the philosophy of integrative medicine. The facility and its exterior spaces will house three basic functions: clinical, educational, and administrative.

19-9468 CAPLA Addition and Renovation

CAPLA has recently completed the pre-design Programming and Master Plan that is aligned with the College’s overall Strategic Plan, with the goal being to improve space utilization and provide academic facilities that will enhance learning and support the growth of academic programs. CAPLA would now like a review of the Master Plan, a re-configuration of the entire space planning as Programmed and developing a full Schematic Design of the entire existing CAPLA West building and may incorporate parts of CAPLA East Building.

The first phase of the project will then be identified. It is anticipated that Phase One will have a construction cost in the region of $1,400,000. Future phases will be contingent on the availability of funds.

18-9386 Applied Research Building

The new facility is envisioned to be an approximate 60,000 GSF multi-story building with a mix of space types including high bay areas, varying types of laboratories, clean rooms, faculty offices, conference rooms – both unclassified and sensitive. Facilities are anticipated to include cubesat fabrication/testing, advanced manufacturing, payload integration research, and cyber operations. Portions of the facility will require export control, secure communications capabilities, and other varying degrees of secure access.